The Services That I Can Provide

Assessment (Interview and/or Psychological Testing)

  • Identification of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, including problems with learning and attentiveness
  • Assessment of an individual’s personality and overall social and emotional functioning
  • Consultation regarding the readiness of a person for complex health procedures such as surgery

Counseling and Psychotherapy

  • Individual and family-based treatment of adults, adolescents, school-aged children, and parents
  • Areas of concern may include current life stressors and emerging or continuing problems with anxiety, depression, or behavior
  • Methods may include cognitive-behavioral or process-oriented approaches

Professional Services Related to Legal Proceedings

  • Evaluation of an individual’s current capacity to proceed to trial
  • Assessment of the readiness of a person to continue or return to work
  • Independent evaluations to assist in findings of fact

Psychological Services and Social Distancing

We are living through disrupted schedules, physical distancing, and (for too many) loss of income, so these are times of generally raised anxiety, challenged relationships, and (for too many) increased psychological suffering.  Many of us are learning to use video-calls to keep in touch with family and friends, and we’re also learning that “tele-health” can be a very helpful tool.  Many insurance companies are paying for tele-health appointments.  I am providing psychotherapy through HIPAA-compliant computer software until it is safe and wise to return to face-to-face appointments. 

What About Insurance?

I am a participating provider in many insurance plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Medicare (not Medicaid), and Beacon Health Options. You may need to consider checking your insurance plan to see what benefits it can provide in regards to your concerns as well as who your plan lists as participating health professionals.